Your travel checklist

The weeks leading up to your departure can bring all kinds of different emotions. Amongst feelings of excitement lie feelings of anxiety and nervousness. Can I really afford this? What if I run out of money? Have I forgotten anything? What if this really horrible impossible scenario that will probably never ever happen, happens?

This doesn’t have to be a stressful time, however; the planning and butterflies is all just part of the fun. The best advice I could give, is be organised. Start early. Write lists- LOTS OF THEM. Collect everything you want to take in the same section in your wardrobe or drawer and gradually add to it so you know that you won’t forget any essentials.

I suggest buying everything you need as soon as possible, so that once you have everything you know that whatever money you have left can go towards your spending money to take.

To give you a head start on your organising, I have conducted a checklist of things you can/ need to do and buy before leaving.

1) Visas
If you’re looking to do a year in Australia, try and get your working Visa sorted ASAP. I used STA Travel to ensure I was doing this properly. You will later be contacted by somebody who will set you up with an Australian bank account. I also got a visa for Vietnam HERE. Usually, you won’t be in a country long enough to require a visa, but it is always worth double checking.

2) Vaccinations and tablets.
These can be really pricey and you need to space them out, so this should be one of the first things on your list. Book an appointment with your GP and they will talk over which vaccinations you need to get. They also give you advise on avoiding viruses and other precautions.

3) Mosquito nets, tick removers and insect spray
You can get these abroad, but you can never be too prepared.

4) Prescriptions
You will need to bulk buy enough prescriptions to last you however long you are going for (especially if you’re a girl on the contraceptive pill). This is worth doing whilst getting your jabs sorted.

5) Travel insurance
THIS IS A MUST! It’s money you don’t want to spend, but it will be your biggest regret if you don’t. Insurance covers thousands and sometimes millions of pounds worth of health costs and you can choose options which also cover your belongings. I looked HERE to compare the cheapest packages.

6) All important documents
It’s vital to print documents that you won’t be able access if your phone gets stolen. Take photo copies of your passport, your itinerary, travel documents, visa paperwork, accommodation confirmation etc. It’s worth sending copies of these to a family member just in case.

7) Travel adaptors

8) Tiger balm
It works miracles for mosquito bites.

9) Travel money bank card
Once again I got mine from STA travel HERE. It’s only £22 and can be used on 2.1 million ATMS across the globe. You earn 5% cashback with this card and will not be charged for withdrawals on MasterCard acceptance machines. This means you can still take your normal bank card, but keep it in lockers and do online or mobile transfers to your travel money card.

10) First aid kit
Painkillers, malaria prevention, plasters, re-hydration sachets, blister kit, antiseptic wipes, antihistamine tablets, antidiarrhoeals, lip balm, motion sickness tablets, scissors, sterile kit and any prescriptions.

11) Washing line
You can order a cheap one online, or make a D.I.Y one using string and scissors!

Here’s a few extra things that might be worth taking, although they aren’t a necessity.
– Another form of ID, so that you can keep your passport in lockers at all times.
– Travel pillows, eye masks and ear plugs.
– A spare phone
– A fast drying towel
– Travel detergent
– A set of smart clothes for job interviews

You want to travel as lightly as possible, so avoid taking things such as shampoo and conditioner, extra shoes and clothes and things you can easily purchase abroad.


12 thoughts on “Your travel checklist

      1. Yeah they’re pretty great, but since you’re going to Japan i’ll impart something I learnt the hard way just in case you aren’t aware – most ATMs in Japan won’t work for you. If you want to get money out you’ll need to go to a 7/11 or the post office. The amount of times I lugged my bags into a 7/11 before a trip was ridiculous haha.

        I live in Queensland, I vary between Brisbane and the Fraser Coast

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      2. Ahh yes I saw you went to Japan on your Instagram looks amazing I can’t wait! How expensive is train travel there?:) oh my god really I didn’t even think about that! Thanks sooo much for letting me know haha I might get my cash out beforehand and keep it somewhere safe!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. It was gorgeous 🙂 I have a tonne of posts about Japan and Korea I tried to do one daily haha. Train travel will depend on if you mean within cities or travelling long distance. No worries 🙂 it’s fine there are hundreds of 7/11s in every suburb of every city all over Japan haha you won’t need to withdraw huge wads of cash, but I just wanted to save you from the heart attack of your card failing at any other ATM like mine did.

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      4. Ahhh I’m definitly going to have a read through them 🙂 well we’re going from Tokyo to Fuji then Fuji to Kyoto then to Osaka 🙂 so you know if you can get a weekly ticket that covers all journeys? Haha thanks so much I would have panicked so so much if that happened!!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Well we’ve just finished the bulk of the rainy season so pretty much any time now till Feb next year. We don’t really get a winter here, not in my opinion anyway, so it’s usually pretty pleasant weather. If you want warm and proper Aussie beach weather it’s September till April/May each year.

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  1. Becca, interesting read! I’m in the process of writing a similar post (packing list) on my travel blog but mine focuses mainly on traveling to Europe. Thanks for the tips on Visas! 🙂

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