Botanic gardens & Changi airport

Our time in Asia is almost coming to an end. We’re now in Singapore, our second to last stop before we get to Australia, and not only has my bag given up on me (three zips have broken, the main zip is almost broken and it’s covered in holes so I’ve had to hold it together with safety pins), but my phone has too. It was my fault to be fair, I dropped it in Singapore Botanic gardens earlier and now the screen has pretty much split in half. It’s a new record for me though! 14 months without breaking or losing a phone! But even after buying a £25 case and two screen protectors, it still found a way to give up on me.
phone fuckedI’m strangely not actually pissed off about it though. Usually I’d throw a hissy fit and feel sorry for myself like ‘why does this always happen to me’, as if it’s someone else’s fault I’m clumsy and get a bit too drunk at times. But all is good! I still actually HAVE a phone, and my money and passport and my life…onwards and upwards!

This morning we had such a nice brunch and it was actually healthy as well. We’d just been at the Raffles hotel to look around (it’s got an old fashioned English look about it and is so fancy), as I mentioned we couldn’t get a Singapore sling because it was about $15 for one!!
raffles.JPGBut we went to a small mall across the road and stumbled upon a place called Simply Wrapps, which was basically the salad and wrap version of Subway but so much better. It had so many different fillings and dressings that you could choose from and it was all so fresh. Both the salads and the wraps were HUGE as well.
wrap it.JPGWhat I love about this country, is how versatile it is. You get the big skyscrapers and the shopping malls and bars. But then there is so much nature and beautiful gardens too. Singapore Botanic Gardens. I was already so looking forward to going, but it was even better than expected. Literally like a beautiful, magical, colourful, bustling fairy garden. They are actually lots of smaller gardens and a rainforest put together, so you can explore different ones.
fairy gardenThe rainforest one was my favourite. Anyone who knows me will know how much I love the rainforest and how desperate I am to go volunteering in the Amazon or in Borneo. The rainforest was actually a section left over, from before Singapore was built.
wlakway.JPGIt will never fail to amaze me how many different types of tree and plant can grow in the same type of soil with the same amount of sunlight at the same time. There was everything from giant leaves, to small leaves, to fan-shaped leaves, spikey leaves, distorted leaves, jagged leaves- all in different shades of green and some with yellow and red hues also.

Back when I was in year ten at school and in my first year at college, I did an art project and a textiles project based on the living rainforest. It was so interesting to see the plants and trees in real life, that I had before looked up online to draw and make samples of.
art project.jpgThe best thing I saw all day with this fig tree. I’ve never seen a proper one in real life before but it’s always fascinated me how their roots hit the rainforest floor and they’re so strong they start growing above the ground. It’s a shame they’re endangered. I really hope they never die out.
FIG.JPGWe saw a big lizard too, slowly walking across crunchy leaves, sticking its tongue out looking for food. You probably won’t be able to see it much in this photo…
lizard.JPGThe Orchard garden was stunning too, and it was only five dollars to enter. Across the garden stretched different archways covered in foliage, which when you walked through felt like you were in a secret garden.
orchard garden.JPGThe orchards came in so many different colours, from white to light pink. They had a giant bird cage with different ones inside that you could go into. Unfortunately things like that always have people lined up waiting for their turn to take a photo in it. Something that annoys me in places like that is that you get so many people that you can tell just run from A to B to get their photoshoots, without actually looking at and taking in what’s in front of them and appreciating it. There’s nothing wrong with getting photos, but so many people seemed to just be there purely for their Instagram and didn’t actually seem too interested in the actual gardens.
birds cage.JPGA new fragrance came with every step, whether it was a fresh, earthy smell or florally potent. It was roasting again today so it was nice to be able to walk in the shade quite a bit. Although we did have to go and sit down and get a cold drink for a bit because it was getting unbearable again.
bird cage two.JPGThe whole time I was walking around I was thinking about how much my nana and aunties would love it there. I could never get bored of it no matter how many times I went back.
walkway proper.JPGBecause Singapore is so expensive and Changi airport has won awards for the best airport in the world year after year, we’ve decided to spend the night at the airport to save money and see how amazing it is for ourselves. Our flight isn’t until 10:55am tomorrow, but I’m actually sat in Singapore airport as we speak it’s 10:07pm.
airport sleeppover.jpgEveryone was right- it is huge and has everything in the world. We thought we had to wait until six AM for an early check in, so we’ve waited for ten hours in the public area, only to have just found out we could have checked in twelve hours ago and gone into the main airport!! Oh well, waiting wasn’t too bad anyway haha.
airport one.jpgNow that we’re in the proper part of the airport, there’s a swimming pool and snooze lounges and the whole thing is pretty much a mall with every kind of shop and food place you could think of. The only strange thing is that we haven’t been through any form of airport security?! I’m not too sure why, especially in somewhere like Singpapore…

I’m actually gobsmacked at how quickly our time in Asia has flown. We’re going to Bali tomorrow, which is our last stop before Australia, and although looking back at when we were at the first few stops in our trip feels like forever ago, thinking about the fact we’ve almost spent three and a half months in Asia feels like it’s happened in a second. I am sooo excited to be joined by Jess- our third musketeer!! Brace yourselves for the awful and hilarious stories to come over the next couple of weeks…


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