The more we’re away, the quicker time is going. Literally, it’s as if we landed in Bangkok, blinked, and now we’re suddenly in Phuket going to Malaysia tomorrow! I’m actually sad to be leaving here as well, because we’ve really loved it and made some of the best memories yet.
shopping mall.JPGOur last night in Phi Phi was perfect. We went back to the live music bar and the same guy was there singing all of his favourite English and Irish band songs. He made jokes and flirted with people’s girlfriends and got everyone involved. We all sang along to Oasis, the Kooks, the Script, and even a Linkin Park song as tribute to Chester Bennington. It’s so sad that he hung himself. He must have been in a really bad way to leave so many people behind. It makes you think that when he was doing it, you were out having fun somewhere and wish you could have been there to stop him. The saddest thing about suicide is that most of the time people are falling apart inside, but they psychically just can’t reach out to people. Instead they just go into this dark hole and get swallowed up by their own heads and find it impossible to ever see a way out.
live bar.jpg
What I love about live music bars, is that at the start of the night people gently bob their heads and sway and casually sing along. But then a couple of hours later, the place is packed and everyone’s on their feet dancing and grabbing the microphone and standing on chairs and screaming in each other’s faces. I loved looking around the room at all the people just like us, at the same place, doing the same thing and seeing everyone so happy and positive. It’s a nice reminder having experiences like that, with all the crap going on in the world.

Phuket is sooo expensive! Some things are the same price, if not more, than things at home, so we’re quite relieved we only have a couple of days here. Plus, I’m coming back in a few months’ time with my family, so by then I would have saved up more money and be able to go back and do the things I couldn’t do this time round.
phuket.JPGI didn’t realise how big this island was. It’s huge! There are so many different beaches and resorts. We’re staying at Balcony hostel near Patong beach, with is the West side of the island in the middle. It’s a great hostel, very clean, very comfortable beds, big lockers, ideal location and there’s a beautiful ladyboy working on the front desk who I wish I looked like. There’s messages written in different coloured markers from previous guests, written all up the walls.
hostel.JPGWe ran into a girl staying here that we met in Vietnam, which is just madness. I can’t believe how regularly that happens, the world is so small. One of her new friends was staying in our room on the first night and he was a very loud snorer. But nowadays I just tell myself it’s relaxing thunder in the background and it doesn’t stop me from sleeping haha. Usually if someone is a loud snorer I’ll squeeze their nose and stare at them until they choke and wake up- but I can’t do that to a stranger can I?

We’ve been so lazy the last two days here. But that’s what Sundays are for! I think we’re feeling a bit run down and reluctant to get any more cash out, so we’ve barely left the hostel since being here. I’ve really enjoyed not doing anything for a couple of days though. It’s meant that I’ve been able to catch up properly with my yoga, meditation and crystal healing, as well as my scrapbook and watching Spirited Away (one of my fave films).
market.JPGIn fact yesterday I had such an amazing time mediating. The last couple of weeks when I’ve done it I’ve had this overwhelming feeling come over me towards the end where I just want to jump up and shake everyone and tell them everything is fine. It’s hard to explain, I just feel so focused and grateful and motivated and happy.

I finally know what I want to do and what I’m meant to do in life. And because of my meditation and the way I’ve adjusted my perspective on things over the last couple of years, for the first time my goals and aspirations are in clear sight rather than just a fantasy. Like when I think about them I get a sense of excitement and anticipation; I know I’m going to achieve them and I just have to wait, whereas before they seemed like farfetched dreams that I wouldn’t actually reach. The more I get this feeling, the more determined I am and the more self-confident I get.

I spent some more time doing e-mails and applying for jobs for when I get to Australia too. So I’m really hoping to hear back from at least a couple of places before I get there so I can almost walk straight into an interview after getting off the plane. It will be good to get a job in a vegetarian restaurant or quirky coffee shop, but I’ll take anything I can get. I’m just sooo lucky that my dad and Helen are helping out with money whilst I get settled, otherwise I would have to come home.

They have a really nice market about a two minute walk away from here, which has the BEST street food once again. Selling everything from Pad Thai to Tom Yum, green curry, tempura and squid spring rolls. I will 100% be getting Pad Thai for our last night today. At least I know how to properly make it for myself at home now.
food.JPGThe market also sells some of the nicest clothes, bags and souvenirs that I’ve seen so far too. Obviously with the stereotypical elephant print and rainbow colours. I saw the most amazing playsuit that I wanted to get for my niece and little sister, Ava and Florence, but it makes sense to get everything like that when I come back in November so I don’t have to carry it all around with me.
food market.JPGToday we went to a shopping mall and high street, it felt like we were back in England. We literally just got a Subway then came back as we’re still quite tired. We were supposed to be having a beach day, but it’s quite cloudy and I can’t be bothered to get all sandy and wet. So I’m just going to carry on meditating and listening to Lana Del Rey’s new album (it’s so amazing, please give it a listen if you haven’t already).
jenny sumoI’m really looking forward to the next few weeks. We’re now counting down the days until we meet Jess in Bali!! Now it’s time to repack all over again and get a good nights’ sleep, ready for the next adventure!