Fremantle & work life

Guess who got two job offers and two more interview offers in the space of five days?! Yaaaaas. It’s hard being wanted by so many employers. 😉
car wreck.JPGI am now a bartender at The Elephant and Wheelbarrow, a British pub just a fifteen minute walk away from my hostel. Being there is just like being home again. I’m only working Saturday nights, helping out with functions and the live music events, but that works well for me because there’s no way I could work until three/ four AM more than once a week. In fact, I’ve only done one shift there and think I may only have a few left anyway which is a shame; I received an e-mail this morning saying that they’ve sold their Leasehold business training, so new operators will be starting in a months’ time and we will all lose our jobs.
elephant and wheelbarrow.JPGBut the shift I worked last Saturday was a buzz. I was working a function for a 50th birthday before moving over to the main bar. I enjoyed the familiar pub smell of beer and spilled ale, dirty ashtrays and wet cloths. I also liked the familiar manoeuvring and weaving around other members of staff- jumping out the way when they need to get to the alcohopops in the fridge behind me and reaching over their shoulders to snatch the card machine from them when they’re done. It can be stressful working in an environment like that, but it is really fun. Especially when you have the entertainment of drunk people to feed off over the course of your shift (lots of Scottish and Irish), grabbing your hands and telling you how soft they are, high- fiving you because you’re English or slurring and stumbling their way to getting another drink, whilst trying to act sober. Seeing people in that kind of state always makes me cringe when I think of myself after a few drinks.
rainbow.JPGSo yes, that one shift (which earnt me a whopping $230), has gone a long way. It was worth that horrible feeling of dread when it was four AM and I was exhausted, couldn’t feel my legs and was only just leaving, acknowledging the fact I only had two and a half hours to leave for my trial shift at Barchetta.
cottlesloe one.JPGI LOVE Barchetta. The job could not fit me better. It’s a mediterranean restaurant right on the beach in Cottesloe, overlooking the sea where apparently whales are often spotted this time of year (which would be a dream come true for me). The beach itself is a proper beach. We’ve had our paradise beaches the last few weeks, but the beach here is like a beach out of Dear John. Peaceful, gentle waves, soft white sand, long grass growing beside the wooden, crooked steps leading down to it. Barely anybody in sight.
cottleslow two.JPGOn the way to my trial shift, I felt AWFUL. I’d been awake for nearly twenty four hours, my feet and legs were in AGONY, I was falling asleep on the train… I was not in the mood at all. I was so close to calling in and cancelling on them, but I knew that would be stupid. But when I started walking along the beach to get there, it really picked my mood up.
cottleslow three.JPGAll the people I was working with that day, were SOOO lovely. They helped me with everything I needed help with, without making me feel like a nuisance and they were just generally so friendly and proper made an effort to speak to me and make me feel like part of the team, praising me for anything good that I did. There was such a chilled out vibe in there, despite how busy the restaurant was. I feel like I picked up the job so quickly and everything came so naturally to me. Considering I’ve just started too, they’ve already given me four shifts for this week, which I’m so grateful for.
mstang.JPGSo, I’m a working woman once again, earning money to save for my next adventure. We’ve decided we want to go to Broome in the beginning of November, so after I’ve done my sky dive I need to put money aside for that. But before anything we need to save for a deposit for a shared house. We’re desperate to get one now. This hostel is great, but other people are starting to grain on us a bit now.
ferris wheel.JPGThere’s a couple of loud and obnoxious guests and I keep getting woken up early by people in my room, one person being an older woman who banged her head loudly on her bunk bed, before scratching her ass and rummaging through a carrier bag for over a minute at seven AM.
TV hostel.JPGthere are two guys here from Liverpool which are so lovely. One is ginger and tall and the other small with long dark hair. They have that heavy but soft Liverpool accent and the first time I met them I was stood with a raw jacket potato in my hand trying to work the oven, when I looked to my left and they were stood looking at me, also holding raw jacket potatoes! You can take the Brit out of Britain…
fremantlew three.JPG
fremantle one.JPGThe other day we headed to Fremantle for a few hours, to be a bit closer to the sea and to see if it has good potential for somewhere to live. I preferred it so much to Northbridge. It was basically the Lee-On-Solent of Perth for me. The typical seaside town with its salty, fresh air, fish and chip shops, quiet docks and ice- cream stands.
fremantle two.JPGIt was surprisingly really quiet there, but everywhere seems to be in Perth. Sometimes when you’re walking around it can be quite eerie, like you in a post-apocalyptic world and you’re the only one that’s survived.
the smiths.JPGThere was a Smiths tribute band playing at a venue near us the other day, so we went with Mia and Harry which was a good, cheap night. Being in a venue like that at a gig, was literally like being at home.
the smiths two.JPGA week has passed, but it feels like so much longer. We’ve definitely settled in now and I think in a couple of weeks’ time we will be in a proper routine. I’m missing Asia a lot. But I’m sure once I’ve saved some money to actually do some touristy things in Australia, I’ll love it just as much as I did Asia.
selfie.JPGI’m pleased that I’ve kept up with the regular exercise , especially yoga (apart from yesterday because I was dead to the world yesterday with exhaustion, I spent the whole day on the same spot on the sofa, having episodes, watching Sandra Bullock movies and drinking peppermint tea). My shins and feet felt really damaged after working all those hours, so I think a rest day was very much needed. I’m still eating healthy too, except from the occasional cheat, like a doughnut or McDonalds (they have chips and gravy at the Maccy’s here, how could you not?!).
salad.JPGBut today is a new day! I’ve had my morningly coffee and am now going to do some cardio followed by some yoga. Jenny has an interview at three, then we’re probably going to meet Mia afterwards which will be nice. Speak soon!


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