Noosa & the Gold Coast

Three and a half weeks in, with less than a week to go, I can’t believe that our East Coast trip is now coming to an end, and more scarily, our time in Australia.

We’ve spent the last week in Noosa and the Gold Coast, and I haven’t got too much to say, as we’ve spent most of our time chilling and not really doing too much. (I know I’ve said it before and a few eyes were definitely rolled, but travelling can get really exhausting).

Noosa is a BEAUTIFUL little town, not far from Brisbane. What I loved about Noosa is that when you’re walking around at night, it really feels like you’re on a family holiday in a European resort.

Almost every tree is decorated in fairy lights, there’s a cute little night market, and lots of pretty hippy shops. I wish I got my photos but I didn’t even think 😦

I highly recommend Betty’s burgers for dinner- Jenny had been telling me about it for days and it was soooo good!! It’s proper American style and it’s naughty food but not greasy like McDonald’s sit-in-your-stomach greasy.

The top things to do in Noosa is visit Noosa beach, go to the national park (where you might spot some koalas if you’re lucky). Otherwise going upto this viewpoint for the sunset is nice. The views became clearer the less intense the sun got and the lower it sank, and we saw a couple of cuckooburras!

Otherwise we spent a couple of days in bed, doing admin things and reading and having movie days- so well needed! The Nomads hostel is actually really good in Noosa too- good wifi, spacious kitchen with way more utensils than the one in Airlee beach, and really nice dorms with bathrooms in the room.

The Gold Coast is a nice place to spend a couple of days, but being a small city there’s not much to do other than shop. The beach is nice but this time of year it’s a bit too cold to go in the sea.

The gold coast is meant to be a great night out, but at this point we’re becoming more skint and more can’t be assed to socialise and be hungover, so we gave it a miss.

When Jenny’s mum Kath came out in January they went to this amazing Asian restaurant so me and Jen thought we’d treat ourselves considering it’s our last week together. 😦

Mamasan serves mostly Chinese and Korean dishes (and they have Asahi on tap!!) It’s the best place to go to get sharing plates and you can get seats that overlook the kitchen so you can see everything being cooked! I’ve never seen a kitchen so stress-free in my life- not at all like mum making a Christmas dinner..

I am so excited that we’ve rested up just in time for Byron bay, as everyone has told me how much I’m going to love it here! We’ve just had our first day here today and I’m already in love!