Mui Ne

If you’re looking for somewhere really, really relaxing, with beaches, pools and spectacular sites, then sunny Mui Ne is the place for you! Our experience here has been just what we needed after a very busy few weeks in Vietnam.

Before heading back into a city, we knew we needed to top our tans up as much as possible so that they wouldn’t fade too much. So lounging out by the pool at our hostel for a couple of days has been heaven. Unlike the pool at Sunflower hostel, this one has a really chilled out vibe, with plenty of cushioned sunbeds and calming music.
oneI think the reason for the relaxing atmosphere is that Mui Ne Hills (the name of the hostel) is joint up with a hotel. It’s kind of like a mini resort, so the hostel and hotel share a pool, bar and restaurant. As it’s situated on a hill (hence the name), you get a beautiful view of the nearby beach and palm trees, with the horizon stretching out wide. It feels like I’ve been running up flights of stairs (but fun ones with loads of cool stops on the way) and now finally a huge breather has been taken.
twoFor £3 a night you can’t really go wrong with staying here. The only negative point is that the air con hasn’t been working 100% and there is one toilet and bathroom between the twelve of us in our dorm. But it hasn’t really been an issue. The only thing that has been an issue is the annoying guy in the bed opposite me, who has literally thrown his stuff all over the room as if he’s the only one staying in here. His overflowing bag has been placed right outside my locker so I have to move it every time I want to get things out. Oh, and he’s a whistler. An irritating one. And he smells.
threeAside from our two lazy days, we also had a day out which cost us no more than £3-£4. There’s no point really coming to Mui Ne if you don’t do this tour, as the stops consist of all the main things to see here- the fairy stream, fisherman’s village, white sand dunes and red sand dunes.
fourI couldn’t quite picture what the fairy stream would be like-would it be a gentle stream surrounded by delicate foliage? Would it be a small waterfall? It wasn’t what I imagined it to be at all, it was really cool. It’s a really long, calm stream that goes on for longer than we managed to walk to. The weird bit is that it runs over sand, so when we took our shoes off to start walking through it I was expecting to feel hard rocks beneath my feet but it was soft and smushy! Really satisfying to walk in!
fiveWater boatmen make swim their way desperately against the current and the air kind of smells like dog biscuits. The further you walk up, the more salt- like cliff walls appear in bright browns and oranges. Their texture is firm, but slightly crumbly just like salt. Apparently they’re covered in clay. Hills of red sand also appear and people climb up them for selfies.

sixThe fishing village was disappointing. Purely because it consisted of about five stalls on the beach down the bottom of this hill and the sand was completely contaminated by plastic. Soo much plastic that would just get sucked back into the ocean. Since being away, I’ve been making a conscious effort to clear up any plastic I come across in the sea or on the sand, and it’s crazy how much you can find without even trying to look for it. So it was sad to see that these people weren’t even trying. But Jenny suggested they probably weren’t quite aware of the damage it’s causing.
sevenOtherwise, I was impressed to see the set up, made by the locals. They had their usual plastic chairs surrounding tables used as stalls. They had these giant, metal bowls laying side by side, filled with their fresh catch (which reeked). Umbrellas shaded them and I think I could see tubes going into the bowls of water either pushing in air or more water.
eightThe white sand dunes were crazy! How does something like that exist?! It was like being on a desert. Where does all the sand come from? Trillions and trillions of tiny grains creating these huge hills and dips. Walking in them was so fun but proved difficult when going up hill- it was a well needed good workout! We would have loved to have got quadbikes if they weren’t so expensive and we had someone else driving them.
nineIn the words of Jenny, the view ahead looked like a Windows desktop background. Too beautiful for you to be able to properly take in.
ten3.jpgeleventwelveWhat I liked about the red sand dunes was the difference in the colour of the sand. How did that slightly deeper browny/ red colour come about? Especially being only a few miles down from the white sand dunes. Our bus driver allowed us to stay here for a bit longer to enjoy the sunset. Luckily the dark clouds had disappeared, so we had a clear view of the blue sky, cotton ball clouds and sun, whose light had seemed to double in size.
thirteenOur last day was made up of tanning, pool volleyball, beer pong and stack the cup. We only had a beer each because we weren’t planning on getting drunk, but we’d agreed to have one with these people we met earlier in the day.
fourteenOh god and both me and Jenny have picked up an awful addiction to the new Gordon Ramsey restaurant dash phone game. It’s unlike either of us to become obsessed with games, but it is SOOO addictive. We’ve decided not to play it tomorrow morning so we can save our lives for our six hour bus journey to Ho Chi Minh. The wifi had better work on the bus because those burgers won’t make themselves and I don’t want Gordon Ramsey telling me to f**k off.