LA (Hollywood)

Hollywood! The place where people make their American dream come true and live happily ever after! And the place that is also a living polluted, depressing hell, where I just don’t know how people could live long term.

BEFORE WE GO INTO ANYTHING I NEED TO TELL YOU THIS ITS SUCH A FACE PALM THING YOU WILL DIE! When we got in our Uber at LAX the driver (who was lovely bless him), asked us what the FIRST LANGUAGE IS IN LONDON!!! ARE YOU FOR REAL???? People like this are VOTING!

Anyway, I’m a bit disappointed about Hollywood if I’m totally honest… as we were landing on the plane we were SO EXCITED and when we showed up at our hostel- The Walk of Fame- which is literally ON the walk of fame on Hollywood boulevard, I could barely contain myself! Everything was lit up and looked just like it does on TV.

But as soon as we dropped off our bags at just past midnight, we ventured out to get food and it just felt WEIRD. Weird and scary and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

It’s like you’re walking down a famous road, in front of the theatre where the Oscars take place and the Roosevelt hotel where tons of famous people have stayed in the past, and you expect to feel all glamorous and to spot celebrities…

Instead, you find it’s completely dead apart from a few drug addicts passed out in their own sick across the pavement and dodgy groups of people hanging around cars. We actually had this methhead guy come upto us at Aretha Franklins’ star claiming he was her harmonica guy…hmm is that how you lost your teeth then mate?

You find yourself stepping over a used condom and witnessing someone get arrested. Clutching your bag and eyeing up every other person knowing they could have a GUN. All this whilst feeling ecstatic and positively overwhelmed- such a strange juxtaposition of emotions, never had that before…

It is sad seeing all the poverty here and all the people struggling and knowing there’s not much you can do about it. But it’s been so amazing walking around absorbing the history of Hollywood and visualising all the celebrities that have walked along the same streets. And so cool to see the famously haunted Roosevelt hotel in the flesh (next time I’m staying there)!

We did initially think that maybe we got the bad vibe here because it was so late at night. Also because when we checked in our room was like a hot box sauna that stank of sweaty feet and an unwashed catheter bag… But we’ve been walking around today to go and see the Hollywood sign and it’s been just as depressing (and exciting at the same time WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD).

We’ve only been in LA for a day, and we’ve been on Hollywood for the whole time so I can’t really comment on the beaches or downtown LA or any of the tourist trips because we haven’t done any of them. But there really is a lot to do here and I’m sure when I come back to the states in a few years to do my road trip, I’ll get a much more positive feel for this place when I can get more involved in what it has to offer.

Despite being slightly disappointed, when coming to a place like Hollywood, when for years you’ve seen, confirming it is actually a REAL place and seeing everything in the flesh is so surreal and exciting, so it makes up for it. It still feels too good to be true that we’re here.

And finally- I’M COMING HOME TODAYYYY!!! I can’t believe this trip is now over, it doesn’t feel real at all that I’m going home and I don’t think it’ll hit me until I’m there! I’m so excited and thanks so everyone that’s read my blog- I hope you’ve had a laugh or got some good ideas for your travels! SEE YOU SOON EVERYONE!