Koh Samui

Why do me and Jenny always end up as the only two girls in a room full of dirty, smelly boys?!

Seriously, as if our seven nights in Ho Chi Minh with the most irritating boys in the world wasn’t enough,  we’re now staying in a room with six other boys, one of whom has the sh**s and keeps stinking out the bathroom and leaving the door open! One of the others clearly hasn’t showered in days, because the B.O is unbearable and lingers even after he’s left the room. They all keep going on  about girls and strippers and sex in a really vulgar way.
rasta rwo (1)One of them is really nice though. And he doesn’t smell or have the sh**ts or feel the need to talk about things extra loud to make sure everyone can hear him. He’s severely sunburnt bless him.We’re staying in Kingston Jamaica hostel and it is exactly how you would imagine it- a bar and restaurant decorated in red, green and yellow Rasta colours, with Reggae music playing all day and the Jamaican flag and Bob Marley wall hangings everywhere.
rasta rwo (2).JPGThe air con works so well that I can actually wear my PJ’s in bed, the food is delish and there’s lots of variety, the beds are amazingly comfortable. For only £5 a night you get all of that, plus it’s in a perfect location right by a beautiful beach, shops and bars and only small drive away from the big Buddha and waterfalls. It’s a 10/10 from me!
IMG_7823.JPGGetting here wasn’t easy; we got caught in a massive thunderstorm with torrential rain and we were literally stood in it with barely any shelter for about an hour. When the postponed ferry finally arrived, it was rammed with wet sardines and trying to get our bags back off when we got to Koh Samui was ridiculous; everyone was pushing and shoving and throwing each other’s stuff around. Oh, and my bag has holes in it so almost all of my stuff was wet and muddy so I had to hang it all out to dry.
beach two.JPGI’d gotton over my temper tantrum after a good night’s sleep, when I saw the sun was shining and I knew we’d be on the beach all day. I’ve noticed the food on this island is actually really expensive (well compared to home prices it’s not, but compared to Asia it is). So are taxis… in Bangkok we could travel with three people for thirty minutes in a taxi, and here we could the same for OVER TRIPLE the price. I think it’s because in the city there are many means of transport, but on the islands there is only one or two so they know they can bump it up.
seven ekleven.JPGAnyway, we spread ourselves out on our beach throws and got excited about the fact the water here was actually deep with big waves, rather than shallow and rocky. The waves were literally like mini tsunamis and it was so fun letting them throw us about.
beach oneJust as we were getting our tans back on, we looked ahead to see that the sky looked as if it was split into two, with heaven on one side and hell on the each other. You could see how heavy the rain was on the dark, right hand side, despite being so far away from it. We stayed put for a bit, hoping that the storm would stay away.
split sky.JPGBy the time we had ordered our freshly blended watermelon and sat back down, the rain had reached us and the wind was getting more violent. The weather over here is crazy- I’ve never experienced anything like it. One minute it will literally be scorching with blue skies, then out of nowhere it will suddenly turn dark and gloomy and cold and a thunderstorm will take over. We took shelter under some decking but after twenty minutes there was still no sign of the storm passing so we went back to our hostel.
fresh watermelonLuckily we did, because mother nature’s tantrum carried on for the rest of the day and evening. It didn’t get us down, we just grabbed some Pad Thai and sat in the restaurant playing games and doing our scrapbooks.
rainy beach.JPGpad thai.JPGOur last day today has been WONDERFUL! We snuck off to Namuang waterfall (number two) to go swimming in a nature pool! I say snuck off, because the guys from our room kept insisting that we all go to waterfalls together but we couldn’t bare the thought of it so we pretended to change our plans at the last minute and go down the road to sneak into taxi hahaha.
me and jen wtaerfall.JPGThe skies stayed blue for us today, so it was nice and warm and the freshly cold water in the waterfall pool was heavenly. Jumping off the rocks into a pool so deep you couldn’t touch the bottom, was one of the most refreshing experiences I’ve ever had.
jumping in.JPGI get so fascinated by things like waterfalls. It’s so cool how they just naturally exist, in the middle of a forest, with an unlimited supply of angry water rushing down the rocks. Being there and playing in it and being surrounded by all these different types of tree and bushes was so soul cleansing (and we felt like such mermaids in a lagoon). I think it’s because aside from having a whole new fun experience, we used up a lot of energy from climbing and walking and swimming, and that always makes you feel like a new person afterwards.
IMG_7887.JPGIt was really busy at one point, one young girl even got sucked by the current down the actual waterfall to the pool below and it panicked everyone briefly (especially the parents), but then out of nowhere everyone just disappeared and me and Jenny had the whole place to ourselves. It was such a nice ending to our time in Koh Samui- I’m going to try and find more waterfalls in Bali because it was just so good!
IMG_7864.JPGThe only downer about today was the trekking camp (Namuang Safari Park) we had to walk past to get to the waterfall. It was the most heart-breaking thing I have ever seen. I know I have already blabbered on about this in another post- but it’s so important.
Lots of tourists were sat on elephant’s backs riding them, people almost sat on their heads controlling them. This would be their everyday life- just walking round and round and round in circles with people sitting on them. There was also a booth where people could go and get their photos taken with sedated tigers.
I felt so, so angry that I just burst into tears. It was so frustrating seeing all this going on with people smiling and laughing, most of them oblivious to what goes on behind the closed doors. By far the worst part was seeing a mum and tiny, baby elephant on show for people to come and stare at. The baby must have only been a few weeks old.

The mum had chains around her feet and the baby was jumping around totally oblivious to the fact that any day now, he or she would be separated from his/her mum, put in a cage and neglected and beaten until his/her soul no longer existed. It killed me knowing that, that tiny baby has another 60-70 years in trekking camps, before he/she is too old to work and tied to a tree and left to die.
baby elephant.JPGI share a lot of animal cruelty-related things on social media, but seeing this with my own eyes was just something I never want to have to do again. I have never felt so useless and helpless, being there and looking at the elephants and wanting to grab them and stroke them and comfort them but not being able to do anything about it. Not being able to save them or stop the torture.

Ending things on a positive- Koh Samui is a great island and has a lot to offer. If you have more time that what we had here, then it is definitely worth going to the secret Buddha garden, big Buddha and the other waterfalls. They also have some good lady boy shows (we were going to go but they were a bit far from our hostel so we’re going to wait until Phuket). Next stop- Koh Phi Phi!