Jurien Bay Skydiving

I’ve always been an adrenaline junkie. I’ve never been scared of any roller coasters and swear I’ve spent most of my life being desperate to grow taller so that I can go on better rides at theme parks (Disney, I’ll be back).
instagram.JPGDoing a skydive has always been at the top of my bucket list. I knew that when I did my first one, it would have to be somewhere alien to me, with either amazing views of the forest or of the ocean. That’s why when I got to Perth, did my research and discovered Jurien Bay, I knew it had to be there that I did it.
Rebecca Gouldbourne 0062.JPGJurien bay is located approx. two and a half hours north of Perth. It’s a small, quiet place, where you can do all sorts of activities like swimming with sea lions, skydiving and snorkelling. To get there, you pretty much drive on one looooong, straight road in the middle of nowhere, through desert and bush and nature parks. Unlike in the UK, where forest and bush areas look juicy and tall, the bushes and trees on here have a dry-look to them. They suit the desert area that they grow in, having almost a yellow colour and not growing very tall. You lose all signal when driving through, and the only thing you see is the occasional yellow sign telling you to beware of kangaroos and emus (I actually saw an emu on the way up there).
good.JPGI instantly clicked with these two Irish girls that I met at the pickup point at seven in the morning. They were hilarious and as we shared our excitement and anxieties about the jump, said things like “it’s okay, apparently it’s so quick you don’t have time to shit yourself. But I’ve bought an extra pair of knickers just in case”.
Rebecca Gouldbourne 0100.JPGMy day had been made before I even jumped, because in the room we waited in after watching an induction video and filling out a couple of forms, there was a young Labrador called Missy that kept wanting to play ball over and over again. Apparently she had a reputation for calming people’s nerves beforehand. Later in the day she went for a ride in one of the vans and took her favourite stick with her HOW CUTE IS THAT!
good good maybe insta.JPGWe drove down and watched the people before us jump, and that’s what put into perspective just how high we were actually going. 14,000ft up in the sky. We had to proper squint to spot the little plane, and if we didn’t keep our eye on it we’d lose it and have to find it again. When the others jumped, they looked like tiny, tiny black nits that got closer and closer.
stuff.JPGOn the plane journey up, I just couldn’t stop smiling. The views were breath-taking. It was so cool being able to see so far back and seeing the outlining boarder of Australia contrasting against the sea. The sea was all sorts of shades of light and dark blue and greens, from where the water was different depths. There were islands scattered about too. We could see the pinnacles in the distance.
beach view.JPGAs you can see in the video, I only start getting anxious when the people before me jump. One of the guys filming for someone else literally clings onto the plane as the others jump. But then it’s so weird, you don’t actually have time to be scared as it all happens so quickly. After all that build up, We jumped and the adrenaline kicked in and that was it! Flying at 200kph. Completely weightless and carefree. All I could feel was the strong air against me, pushing my hair and face back and making my cheeks flap. It’s such a mindful experience and the weirdest part about it is that you have no perspective of exactly how far away you are from the ground.
Rebecca Gouldbourne 0131.JPG
maybe good.JPGAfter about sixty seconds of freefall, the parachute went up and I got to enjoy the views for a couple more minutes before landing on a beautiful beach. The only bad thing about the whole experience is how much my ears hurt and blocked up, but you can actually buy ear plugs to stop this, which I know now for next time.
views.JPGWe all went and grabbed some lunch and felt such a natural high which lasted for hours after. For years I wanted to do this sky dive and it was so different to how I expected it to be. You just can’t picture it until you actually do one. As soon as I hit the floor, I wanted to do it again.
Rebecca Gouldbourne 0359.JPGAnyone looking to do a skydive in Australia, I really do recommend Jurien Bay. They have different offers and cheaper prices throughout the week. There website is here.
Otherwise, a link to my video can be found- here.


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