Honolulu, Hanauma Bay, Koko head

Aloha everyone!! We’re finally in Hawaii, we’re 20 hours behind what we’ve been used to for the last year, it’s 30+ degrees every day and we are loving life!

I really didn’t know what to expect from O’ahu. Being a Polynesian island I knew it would be tropical and have stereotypical islanders with lovely tanned skin, but also being a part of the USA, I didn’t know to what extent Hawaii would be americanised.

But since getting here it really does feel like America. It felt like it as soon as we were driving to our hostel and spotted all the green road signs, hovering traffic lights and zebra stripes at every crossing. ITS GREAT!

Being in America also means minute made lemonade, Hershey’s chocolate, breakfast waffles and peanut butterjellly jars!!! Taking me back to Florida 2006!

The best bit about Hawaii is the unique culture that it doesn’t share with anyone else in the world. What you see in the movies has not been exaggerated! Every worker wears a Hawaiian shirt, there are sounds of ukelele’s everywhere and on or first day here we even saw a Hawaiian Band play and hula show!

We watched it on the beach, sneakily drinking beers out of my flask, during a very orange sunset.

Honolulu is a great city in general. It’s not overly crowded, but it’s very tourist orientated. I’m surprised at how cheap it is here too! I don’t know if it’s because we have just come from Australia where everything is disgustingly expensive, but living on an extremely tight budget is actually relatively easy here!

Waikiki is a nice beach considering it’s a city beach (it doesn’t actually feel like you’re by the city at all). The water is calm and crystal clear and you can rent out giant pedalo bikes and paddle boards.

We spent our first day there and built up a tan pretty quickly. it’s nice to see a city and beach surrounded by forest and mountains.

Today we did Koko head hike, which is toward the South East coast of O’ahu.

It is basically a really, really, really steep old railway track, that almost goes vertical up a huge hill and gives you some of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen.

BUT ITS 1.048 STEPS AND IT’S VERTICAL! Me and Georgie decided to do this in 32+ degree heat and wearing flip flops which is a definite NO for anyone looking to do it in the future!

Also if you’re a mini person like me- this hike is not made for you haha I had to haul my body up most of the steps because they were so broken and steep.

Obviously we didn’t make it to the top (we probably would have died or still but stuck up there, accepting our fate and refusing to face the trek back down), but we got over halfway up and still got the same amazing views as you can see.

We could see the whole of Honolulu as well as diamond head creator in the distance. Hanauma bay to the left and wide stretches of turquoise sea.

Anyone that has heard of o’ahu has most likely heard of Hanauma bay. I won’t go into describing it much, because these photos of the bay and reef from above speak for themselves.

The bay was formed after a volcano erupted years and years ago, which is one of the reasons the reef is so close to the shore, meaning that you don’t have to get a boat out to go and snorkel.

When we eventually made our way to the bay, after dragging ourselves drenched with sweat from the hike, queueing for tickets, then watching a ten minute safety video, we finally made camp and went for a snorkel.

The bay is home to so many fish, turtles, eels and jellyfish, some completely unique to Hawaii.

We saw sooo many of Hawaii’s local humuhumunukunukuapua’a (yassss high school musical), otherwise known as the triggerfish. We also saw yellow tangs, butterfly fish, bullethead and redlip parrot fish etc etc etc

The only thing that put a downer on it was how shit our snorkels were that we hired from our hostel. The mouth piece went in diagonally and the goggles filled with water and fogged up every two seconds. It put us off going too far out because we couldn’t see and the rocks and reef was so close below us that we kept nearly swimming into them.

Hawaii is like nowhere I’ve ever been and it still feels too good to be true that we’re actually here! Mahalo for reading, hang loose dudeee.