Byron Bay

Our east coast trip has officially come to an end already 😦 I’m so glad we left Byron Bay until last, because I’m feeling quite tired and it’s the best place to chill and do fuck all, but it’s also the best place for food and shopping which is always good to save till the end!

Before we go anywhere though- if someone can explain to me why the fuck Byron Bay smells like mash potato, I’d be very grateful!! Literally everywhere smells like buttery mash hahah (not complaining, just curious).

Before coming here, literally EVERYBODY said to me that I’d love Byron and that I’d fit right in and not want to leave (it’s true it’s going to be hard leaving cause I could stay here forever).

It’s exactly what you expect it to be- lots of friendly hippies in bohemian clothing walking around with dreadlocks and braids. Quiet and chilled, with buskers on every street corner and every other shop a crystal or tarot reading store. Feel like I’m in a little town that’s been made for me!

The only downside to this is that yes, you do get lots of people with forests for armpits (which inevitably comes with a lot of BO) and more leg hair than a monkey. Which I don’t judge, unless Someone like that comes and sits next to me on the bus.

But for anyone that’s ever seen the Inbetweeners 2 movie- yes unfortunately that cringey stereotype is also found here a lot. From this cute little hippy culture, has emerged a pretentious and arrogant stereotype, talking overly loud about their mates ORGANIC FARM YES EVERYTHING IS ORGANIC ORGANIC ORGANIC. The kind of person that would belittle you for not being a vegan and just generally thinks they’re better than anyone else for a number of reasons… someone who is supposed to be down to earth but is instead very unwelcoming. (But luckily these people are outweighed by the genuine ones).

SPEAKING of the inbetweeners, the first hostel we stayed in here was the Arts Factory Lodge, which is from the movie! And it is actually a really good hostel; there’s a pool, cafe, clean rooms and loads of people camp in the forest there.

The second place we’re staying at is a lot better though, it’s called Backpackers Inn on the sand, and it’s cheaper, but less busy with all around better facilities… and they have A DOG called Max which is a game changer. ❤ I’d probably choose this hostel out of the two, so if you’re coming to Byron, bare that in mind.

If you want to be a basic Byron bitch for the day (which I highly recommend) then you to go and get an Açai bowl somewhere. We went to Combi. Probably a bit pricier than other places, but worth the extra three dollars.

We had dragon fruit, apple, banana, pistachio, strawberries, nuts and seeds, toasted Musli… so delish and it’s healthy so it’s guilt free!

As I previously mentioned, Byron is a great place for shopping. I wish I had more room in my case and more money in the bank so I could bring presents home because I loveee everything! I did get myself a new backpack- made in Nepal entirely from hemp- so I have finally been able to get rid of the disgusting damp, stained tote bag filled with sand that I’ve been reluctantly carrying around for the last month.

Every Sunday there’s a day market, which is probably one of the best markets I’ve ever been to (on par with Ubud I’d say). I kept feeling like we were wondering around Glastonbury festival, especially because local musicians were playing amoungst the stalls.

I’m a bit gutted because we wanted to spend one of our days here going to the Crystal castle (where they actually have a purple amethyst crystal cave). But it’s one of the most awkward places to get to which we didn’t realise until we got here, so we gave it a miss but least I know for next time when I finally have a diving license.

Other things you can do in Byron are just chill on the beach for the day, go kayaking with dolphins and whales or get a day bus to a small town called Nimbin for the day.

Jenny has left now 😦 we said or goodbyes last night and it was so sad- really didn’t feel real! When I went back to the hostel I kept thinking her stuff was in the room, and apparently she kept thinking I was on her coach hahaha after spending 15 months together though, I’m not really surprised. At least I’ve got a good excuse to go up to Scotland now when I’m back!

Next time we catch up I’ll be in HAWAII ❤


Miss Margarita Mexican- cheap and cheerful

The Hideout- one of the best coffees and best breakfasts I’ve ever had