Khoa San road & The unicorn cafe

Our new accommodation in Bangkok is luxury! Jenny’s boyfriend Bilal has joined us over here so we’ve booked ourselves into an apartment on the 29th floor of a tower block, with an amazing view of one of Bangkok’s many skylines. night.jpgIn the day time the view is spectacular enough; you can see everything so far back and in so much detail. Hundreds of tiny windows and cars and shops. But by night, the view looks even more amazing.
apartmentThe apartment is modern, with white walls and tiles and Ikea furniture. We have a cosy sofa, dining table, our own little kitchen, two TVs with Netflix and YouTube and most importantly a proper shower rather than a wet room. I knew I was going to love this place after we walked into the office to pick up our keys and this gorgeous little fluff ball appeared out of under the desks for cuddles, shortly followed by a mini ginger version of herself.
doggyAfter not being able to cook for ourselves in about six weeks, we were so excited to be able to do a food shop and buy whatever we wanted and make it exactly how we wanted it. We’ve accepted that we’re going to put on a bit of weight whilst there is no structure in our diet and there’s no way I’m going to have a strict diet when 1) I’m on holiday and 2) It’s rare I’m able to cook for myself which makes it harder to have a meal routine. So we got some fizzy drinks (strawberry Fanta oh my gosh) and ice cream and crisps and cheese and decided that we will go back to a healthy routine when we’re settled in Australia and it’s easier to meal plan.

It was nice having a lazy day snuggled up on the sofa watching films and TV shows on Netflix. We spent no money all day, got to watch violent, tropical thunderstorms from the balcony and the best part about the whole day was that we were finally in a room cool enough that I could wear my favourite floral pyjamas from nana. It was perfect to chill and not do much before Jenny went to pick Bilal up from the airport and I got ready for our night out down Khoa san road.

When Jenny and Bilal walked through the apartment door whilst I was watching Rick and Morty, I suddenly got so excited about going down Khoa San road. It’s been really nice having Bilal join us and even nicer to see how happy Jenny is; being best friends since we were four means we’re basically sisters and I’m very protective haha, but I really, really approve! And how could I not when he brought me out two family size bags of sweet chilli sensations?!
changKhoa san road was easily the most lively and atmospheric strip we have been to so far. It was crazy! There were so many bars and clubs, restaurants, massage places and places to eat. Men kept going up to people making a ‘pop’ sound and flashing leaflets for ping pong bars in their faces. Others walked up and down the strip selling the most hilarious bracelets, saying some really dodgy things like ‘I like d***’ and ‘I like welsh p****’ and they were just the PG versions (the others are probably too crude to say on here haha).
kosan road one.JPGMe, Jenny and Bilal all got a giant bottle of Chang and poured them into a bucket with three straws, which was finished pretty quickly. Sitting on the side of a street and watching drunk people and the stuff they get up to is one of the most amusing things to do on nights like this. Some were eating live scorpions, others sat and got their hair braided whilst others got hennas.
beer bucketTypically, we decided to go to Khoa san road on Asahna Bucha day without being aware, which meant that nowhere sold alcohol past twelve and shut early. We ended up sat in this dark, dingy room on plastic chairs with groups of random people coming and going and a couple of others stood at the covered up entrance keeping lookout for the police and telling everyone to shh when things got too loud. Sounds like it would be awful, but it was actually really, really random and funny. It was even funnier that I had a sixteen year old guy repeatedly trying to hit on me. A guy whose vocabulary was 80% the word ‘ganj’, who kept wanting to find ‘ganj’ and bragging about the fact his mum had kicked him out from smoking too much ‘ganj’. I normally try to not hurt anyone’s feelings, but he was a bit of a rat and after over a litre of beer I think I literally turned around to him and said that even if he wasn’t three years younger than my little brother I still wouldn’t be interested.

Our last day in Bangkok today has been a busy one, as we’ve squeezed in everything left that we wanted to do before we make our way down to Koh Phangan. We’ve all been a bit fragile and away with the fairies today- it must have been the buckets and the fact we didn’t go to sleep until about five/six AM and were awake by ten.
aruntowersThe grand palace was closed when we got there which was pretty gutting. But the entry fee was 500BAHT as well, which we probably wouldn’t have afforded to pay and at least we got to see it from the outside. Instead, we walked along in the heat with an ice lolly before jumping on a tuk tuk to go to Wat Arun (the temple of dawn).
arun templeThe grounds of Wat Arun were huge! The main tower around the temple was going under construction, but it didn’t stop us from seeing its impressive details. The different sized towers looked very similar to the ones at Wat Pho temple, with their floral patterns and intricate features.
back up towerYou have to cover your arms, legs and body up before entering and shoes must be removed before going in the actual temple. There are lots of signs about explaining that getting Buddha tattoos or having Buddha ornaments used as decorations in places like bars is actually really disrespectful. Something that most people wouldn’t have thought twice about before.

The temple itself had a giant golden Buddha inside, with smaller ones standing in front. A lot of people lit candles and incense and prayed in front of the statues. Monks sat down alongside some people, saying prayers for them and splashing them with water.
prayingThere’s something really special about the spiritual atmosphere in places like this. Even if you don’t follow Buddhism, you can still really appreciate the peaceful and positive energy in the air of the temple grounds. It almost feels like you’re floating as you walk through different doors and gardens and up the stairs to get better views.
buddhaaAll three of us have been so excited about going to the unicorn café in Bangkok for weeks (maybe even months?). We Googled it, looked at photos of it on Instagram, looked at the menu… way before we had even got on the plane to leave for travelling. I get worried about going to places that I’ve been excited about, because you end up building it up in your head and sometimes that leads to let down.
outside unicorn.JPGBut the unicorn café was FANTASTICAL! It was like being in a magical, fluffy, fairy land in a fairy tale and if I could work anywhere in the world it would probably be there. The walls are laced in pastel coloured wallpaper, patterned with my little ponies and shiny chandeliers hang from the ceilings.
unicorn interiro.JPGEverything is served from multi-coloured rainbow cake and cupcakes, pastel coloured crepes and waffles with ice cream, cheesy chips, unicorn burgers and even carbonara with pastel coloured spaghetti. They have galaxy sodas over ice with sprinkles on top and multi- coloured milkshakes and slushies in giant star shaped cups.
ckaeand drink.JPGEven the cutlery is delicate and fairy-like. The plates are in the shapes of stars or cupcakes and have pretty pictures on top. Unicorn cuddly toys in different shapes and sizes lounge around on the tables and couches, so you can snuggle up to them whilst munching. I could have sat in there for hours and tried the whole menu and cuddled unicorns, but we shortly left to come back to our apartment and prepare ourselves for our early morning departure to Koh Phangan tomorrow.

I miss my angel mum and my hilarious dad and the rest of my family (not forgetting little Jessie), but am happy to say I still haven’t felt homesick. Each day that comes I just seem to be more and more engrossed in the experience and so excited to see what that day will bring. I’m so lucky and thankful to be able to wake up each day, feeling relaxed, under no routine, knowing that I’m about to have even more exciting, new experiences and make even more memories.
crepes.JPGBangkok is officially my second favourite city in Asia. It was so different to what I expected it to be and I instantly fell in love with the place from the moment we stepped out of the airport. The local people once again have not failed to be friendly, helpful and extremely welcoming. I will 100% be making my way back to Bangkok at some point; the food is some of the best I’ve had so far and there is just so much to do. I feel really at home here and I can’t imagine that feeling going any time soon as I make my way down south. Bye for now, see you for a catch up in Koh Phangan!