Kuta- Goodbye Asia

As if it is already mid-August and we fly to Australia tomorrow?! Where have the last three and a half months gone?! I have to say I do feel a huge sense of accomplishment, like the feeling you get when you finish your degree or make the perfect poached egg.

thailand.JPGBut I have accomplished a lot. Eleven flights (soon to be twelve), eight countries and so many bus or boat journeys I never could have kept count. And the best bit is I did all of this without getting my phone/ purse/ passport/ bag stolen, without getting food poisoning, running out of money, wanting to go home and more importantly, without dying (okay I shouldn’t speak too soon I haven’t actually made it to Oz /yet).
lephant.JPGReflecting on the time that has passed between the first of May and now, I realise I’ve done more in the last three and half months than I have done in my whole life. I’ve seen wild dolphins, swam with whale sharks, snorkelled with turtles, climbed a volcano, stayed in a tree house in the middle of nowhere, eaten my favourite cuisines from the country they originate from, cycled around mount Fuji, lounged out on paradise islands with crystal clear sea water. I’ve met different people from all over the world that’ll always be friends, volunteered with rescued elephants, swam in natural waterfall, seen breath-taking sunsets, done a cooking class, been to the world’s best airport, the world’s cleanest airport, beach parties, pool parties, hostel parties. Been to Tokyo! TOKYO!
tokyo.JPGGenerally I’ve tested myself, pushed myself, proved myself, and been comfortable being myself. It’s all been so perfect. Everything I imagined it to be and so, so much more. To say that I feel like the luckiest person in the world would be an understatement. What feels even better is that I’ve done it all myself. I worked hard, saved my money, and proved that I am capable of doing that and not such a liability. Of course, I’ve had massive help from my mum, dad and step parents too (living rent free, buying me stuff to take and giving me money to start off in Oz, helping me with my overdraft).
snad dunes.JPGNow I’m ready to get to Australia, get a job and start the next chapter of our adventure. AND COOK AGAIN! I’m so excited to finally COOK. And get down the gym. I’ve already looked into different options and I’m sure Jenny is absolutely sick to the stomach of hearing me go on and on and on about how “I just really need to go to the gym I’m clucking for it now”, or “oh my gosh, look at my bingo wings!! They were never there before it’s because I haven’t been able to cook for myself. I’m going shopping and I’m not buying carbs, I need to lose a stone”.
kuta.JPGIn all seriousness though, I’m feeling really motivated and really excited about getting my healthy life style back. I’ve treated myself to fried food and chocolate and beer, like everyone does on holiday, but I’m determined to make the most of this next year, as it will probably be one of the last years where I will have the time to be completely selfish. Where I can squeeze gym, work, yoga, meditation and writing all into one day. That’ll be impossible when I’m back home in a career.
fuji.JPGThere’s not too much to say about our last couple of days spent it Kuta, Bali. We spent a day chilling by the pool, trying to get the last bit of tan in. The pool at Captain Goose is the perfect, cool temperature and it kind of feels like you’re swimming in a lake in the rainforest because it’s wedged in the middle of bamboo and lots of tropical foliage, with the bright yellow and turquoise rooms peaking out in the background.
pool.JPGWe had to go back to the Balcony for another veggie burger. I might even drop them a line to try to get their recipe. Tonight, we’re going for our long awaited carvery at Sky Gardens- sooo excited!!
veggie burger.JPGI keep forgetting that when we get to Perth, it’s not going to be beach weather. So yesterday we had one last beach day. In the morning I perked myself up with an ice coffee. I’m not usually a fan of milky, sweet, but I fancied it. All it did was make my throat go tight, giving me the same feeling I get after a mouthful of the sickly local booze.

The tide was right in and the waves were more violent than ever. Besides a few surfers, nobody was even daring to go in the sea. I held back myself; I didn’t fancy being thrown around like a pair of trainers in the washing machine. But luckily later on in the day I finally got that one last, refreshing, therapeutic swim. My tan is better than is has been yet, so I’m hoping it’ll last at least a couple of weeks when we’re in Perth.
beach.JPGI did my fairy cards last night, to ask a couple of questions about Australia. It’s spooky, because the last two times I did them, I asked mainly about my general, future life in Oz. I got ‘new location’ and ‘happily ever after’ BOTH times. This time I asked mainly about my fitness, worrying about not having the time or motivation. I got the ‘body movement card’ which I knew I was going to get!! And Raising your standards, which is about not doubting yourself and raising your standards of yourself. So I feel reassured and raring to go!
fiary cards.JPGMy to do list for when I get to Oz is making me anxious, I don’t know why I think it’s because I’ve had no to do list for the last few months so I’m just adjusting. I need to open my bank account, transfer my money over, complete my RSA, print loads of CVs and hand them out, do a food shop, buy a new suitcase, get my gym membership, get my phone fixed, get an Australian sim card… these things won’t take me any more than two days to do, but I think the anxiety is coming from the fact I have a few things I need to spend money on before I can even apply for work. Thank god for my dad and Helen. They’re MASSIVELY helping out when I first arrive, otherwise I’d have to come home.
petrol.JPGI’m going to miss 7-eleven toasties and sushi triangles, the lovely people, paradise beaches, cheap food and booze, but I’ll also be glad to get away from the potent smell of Durian and deadly roads haha.

Anyway, I guess this is a wrap for now! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and try not to feel too sorry for me for having to get up at the early hours of the morning tomorrow (don’t hate me for saying that). If everyone wouldn’t mind saying a little prayer for me tonight, to help me get a job ASAP, that would also be great. See you in Perth!!!


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