My adventure

Going travelling has been my biggest dream for as long as I can remember. It has been the motivation behind everything I have worked for, the positive thought driving me through rough times and the reoccurring daydream that keeps sucking me out of reality when I’m sat at a desk doing that same old day job or lying in bed at night thinking about what exactly I’m supposed to be doing with my life. After years of visualising and planning, my trip is finally on my doorstep and I am lucky enough to be sharing it with my best friend of 18 years.

Me and Jenny met back when we were just four years old at primary school, and have remained best friends ever since. Back then we made dens in the woods, graffiti’d with glittery gel pens and wouldn’t let anyone into our two-man circle unless they guessed our secret word (which was usually something along the lines of ‘The lollipop girls’ or ‘Bubbalicious babes’). You know someone is going to be a good travel partner, when the only time you have fallen out is when you both wanted to be Bubbles whilst playing the Powerpuff girls game!

We used STA travel to book our tickets, which took a huge load of pressure off us when it came to getting things organised;  not only do they help you find the cheapest flights and most convenient routes, but they will also help you with things like Visas, accommodation, vaccinations and so much more.

Our journey will be as follows: London–> Hong Kong–> The Philippines–> Japan–> Vietnam–> Thailand–> Malaysia–> Singapore–> Bali–> Australia

We leave on May 1st 2017 and will be landing in Perth on August 14th 2017. We then plan on travelling around Oz until August 2018 to make the most of our working visa, popping over to New Zealand for a few weeks also.

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16 thoughts on “My adventure

  1. What an awesome trip! And 12 months in Oz will give you time to see a lot. Ours is a BIG country with lots to do and see. A working visa is a great way to get to know a place. If you make it to Adelaide, give me a hoi 🙂

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      1. Best to google. There is seasonal work for fruit and veg in many states. That would be in spring and summer mainly. South Australia (Adelaide is the capital) is known for its wines so there is grapepicking in places like Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, McClaren Vale (all not far from Adelaide) and in the sth east of the state in the Coonawarra. There are wine growing areas also in WA, Vic and NSW. And there are many places for fruit and veg – one of the most famous being the Riverlands around Mildura for example. Some farms may offer work too – eg with livestock. Again, best to google. Along the eastern seaboard there are many holiday resorts and islands which probably would have work options too. Good luck -sounds exciting.

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      2. Ooo yes I’ve heard it’s really good to do grape picking there from other travellers! This would be the ideal farm work for me too as I’m quite small haha 🙂 And the wine also sounds good 😉 it all sounds so exciting though- thanks so much for your help! I’m sure we will be in touch again when I land in Australia 🙂 xx

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