Day 2

Today was the first day I slept until gone 1pm, since I was a miserable little hormonal teenager… I guess the jet lag and weeks of sleeplessness finally caught up with me! I felt like I’d emerged from a year in hibernation when my ass finally woke up.

What a lavely day it’s been! It was 28-30 degrees and unlike yesterday the sun was out, the skies were blue and the thick fog has been kind to us and buggered off for the day. The ideal weather for going up Victoria peak.

We decided to go for lunch at an Italian place called Spasso near our hotel; yesterday we met a lovely Philippino woman who worked there and we said we would go back another day. She was delighted that we kept our promise and seated us outside by the main road with gorgeous, clear view of Hong Kong across the water.

With full stomachs and well-needed increased blood sugar levels, we made our way down to the pier to get on the ferry to Hong Kong island. On our stroll I noticed how nicely the Asian women dressed; some looked cute in knee-high floral dresses with frilly sleeves, others in dungarees or three quarter length baggy trousers. Almost like pretty little Anime characters.

A ticket for the ferry to central pier cost only 3.40HKD, the equivalent to 30p! The ocean water looked a happy turquoise instead of dirty grey now that the sun was out. I haven’t experienced contentment like this in a very long time. I had no working phone, no make up, no worries and no rush to be anywhere.

Whatever you do, DO NOT be put off by the queue for the tram going up the peak. It goes really quickly and there’s too much to be excited about during the wait.

The view from the top was show-stopping; Hong Kong resembled a little lego town, the clouds surrounding the skyscrapers at eye level. We decided to save our ticket for the peak until dark, so we explored the shopping centre inside and took a walk down a dainty pathway, wrapped up in exotic foliage.

We had a romantic pint of Budweiser until the sun had gone to sleep. The garden was dressed in fairy lights and the humidity was comforting.

Finally the time had come for us to take ourselves 428 metres above sea level to admire the city lit up from above. To say it was the most beautiful site I had ever seen would be an understatement. The fog had been kind to us again and disappeared, the warm weather reminded me of toasty evenings in Bulgaria after sunset. Looking at all the windows and lights put into perspective just how populated Hong Kong actually is. It got me thinking about all the people behind the windows and their individual lives.  Some would be sleeping, some eating, some working, some young, some old. It made the world feel much bigger rather than small for once. We got some great photos, but just like anything, they will never do the real thing any justice.

Before getting the ferry back to our hotel, we stopped off at Mak’s noodles in one of the shopping centres up the peak. The staff brought us free, unlimited top ups of green tea and we enjoyed authentic Chinese food. They had loads of vegetarian/ pescatarian options which made me happy! I had shrimp wonton noodle soup and chestnut mushrooms.

We’re now sat back in our hotel room, it’s midnight and we’re planning tomorrow’s trip Ten thousand Buddhas monastery. Tomorrow will be our last day before jetting off to the Philippines for adventure number two!


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