3 days in Hong Kong

We have arrived! After lugging bags half our weight across the airport, a few emotional goodbyes and a celebratory glass of Shiraz at Gatwicks’ Weatherspoon’s, we boarded our eleven and a half hour plane to Hong Kong. It left on time (which is always a good start) and the journey went surprisingly fast.

Other than getting a bit of back ache and leg ache and being woken up a couple of times by a man who sounded like the monster from The Goonies every time he yawned or stretched, it was a pleasurable journey. We used Cathay Pacific– they have little TVs with a variety of films and games, and you can also monitor where the plane is flying over.

After spending most of the night in darkness, we approached Hong Kong just in time for the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen. It’s strange seeing a sunrise from the sky; it looked like in was on fire and there was a gorgeous horizon of vibrant colours going from red to orange to yellow to blue and even subtle hues of green. Like a breathtakingly prominent and rainbow. (These photos don’t do it any justice)!

It was 7am and 26 degrees when we landed as well as extremely humid. I’d been warned that it may take a few days to get used to the humidity in Asia and I can see why! The tropical air feels heavy and sticks to your skin. There’s a whole different atmosphere to this place, I’ve never experienced anything like it before and it’s positively overwhelming. Everything from the general vibe, the people, the architecture, even the smells!

We’re only spending three days here, so there’s a lot to do in a short space of time, but it is possible to do it all. My next few posts are going to be a guideline for what you can do in just three days in Hong Kong. I’m also budgeting £150 for the time we are here, so let’s see how that turns out. Stay tuned!


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