10 Best Vegan Places to Eat in Melbourne

1) Lentil as anything
Anyone who has been to Melbourne has either been to or heard about Lentils. Not only is everything on the menu 100% vegan, but there are no set prices, just contribution boxes where you pay as you feel. They offer every type of cuisine on different days of the week and the staff team is made up of volunteers, meaning that even the homeless and refugees aren’t excluded.
2) Rays’ café
Just off Sydney road in the heart of Brunswick, you’ll never walk past Rays’ without seeing it absolutely packed. Not only do they serve some of the nicest, freshest coffee I’ve ever tried, but their vegan menu has so many interesting combos of food, that even a heavy meat eater could be turned.

3) Om Vegetarian
An authentic Indian style restaurant chain, serving delicious curries all over the city. (They also offer free meals to those in need between 3-5pm daily).

4) Lord of the Fries
Can’t really miss out this amazing place, considering I spend half my wage there every week… Serving all the fast food favourites- burgers, hot dogs, fried chicken- Lord of the Fries makes you feel less rubbish about missing out on things like KFC (and it’s guilt free!). Even better, they’ve recently brought out a whole new all day breakfast menu, every item being vegan.

5) The Cornish Arms
Vegan bacon mac & cheese bites, chicken buffalo wings and peanut butter cheesecake- nuff said.

6) The Vegie Bar
Serving almost every type of cuisine and really reasonable prices, this is the kind of place where you spend more time looking at the menu struggling to decide than you do actually eating.

7) Smith & Deli
Aside from providing you with all the vegan versions of the stuff you most miss since giving up meat and dairy (sweet and savoury), the best bit about Smith & Deli is the quirky names of things on the menu- ‘Club sandwiches not seals’, Croissantwiches of Eastwick’, ‘The Friend Zone’ etc…

8) Red Sparrow
This plant-based pizzeria is well-priced, pet- friendly and dairy- free.

9) Good days
Couldn’t have a list like this without including some Vietnamese options (especially when Vietnam itself is so surprisingly vegan- friendly). Spring rolls and Pho taste so much better when vegan.

goood days
10) Golden Gate Hotel
Although the main menu of Golden Gate doesn’t exactly have the largest selection of vegan options, they have just started serving a vegan Sunday roast, made two ways with all the trimmings. At 26$ it’s far from cheap, but definitely worth it.


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